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Narayana on reflection
Awesome picture!

shoti on karsts
beautiful, mighty landscapes. the houses simply magnifies the size of the rocks.

Kyle on fruit vendor
Very striking image with the person's face covered. Great capture!

JJ on fruit vendor
wonderful capture of the vendor on there way or selling there produce, wonderful composition and colors

Ana Lúcia on fruit vendor
Excellent, but... Why has the face hidden?

peter on fruit vendor
what a rich and beautiful shot! well done : )

Craig on blue boat

Craig on fruit vendor
A wonderful shot!

Anita on anguish
Powerful image! Love this image because it communicates so much without words,...

chrissy on anguish
poor little girl, this image is so sad, but expressive,well captured and composed at the same time chrissy

Pavla on anguish

Leeo on blue boat
i like how the photo puts emphasis on color blue. its fun looking at the sky and that blue boat. very vibrant color!

Leeo on anguish
true meaning of photography. expresses the anguish of the child. great shot.

Veerendra on cloned
this is just wow .. location ..

Veerendra on bas relief
according to me .. u are lucky .. u watched Angkor temple i am willing to see it in future !

Veerendra on bas relief
cool shadow play

Veerendra on anguish
i cant say wow.. to this image as this is expressive and perfect for awww.. mood .. pose and compose is really perfect ...

Toomaj on blue boat
Fabulous landscape with excellent tonality of colors, the blue is exciting..

peter on karsts
great shot!

jamesy on karsts
WOW!!! stunning photo what amazing peaks in the background and colourful houses in the front

Veerendra on traffic
delicious shot !

Hoshisato on traffic
Very nice! me too I would like to see the EXIF data of this shot.

dogilicious on traffic
What kind of SS were you using here? It is a great shot.

Benoit Darrieux on bicycle
Lovely pic. The colors are matching very well, your image is also full of traditions. Very nice portfolio by the way.

Elodie on traffic
great photo !

Arasp on traffic
Very nice shot, Sad not to have your camera information on this shot.

Mackenzie on traffic
I love these time-elapsed captures. You capture the hustle and bustle well!

MaryP on bicycle
Lovely image. Beautifull light and the subjects all combine to tell a story.

Vink on cigarette vendor
Very nice portrait !

payam on bicycle
The colors , text , hat and the window are harmonic and beautiful , all necessary and completeing each other , thanks .

willow on cigarette vendor
There are a lot of stories in the lines on her face and hands. Wonderful portrait.

annora on cigarette vendor
great capture!speaks of what she does for a living.

Baz on cigarette vendor
Beautiful portrait, wonder how it would look in B/W

Ana Lúcia on street vendor
Great street shot, nice capture of the lives of others.

JLT on chinese lantern
nice detail shot!

Thierry Masson on cloned

Thierry Masson on glance

payam on flower vendor
I like the composition too much except for the bikes handle that I prefer to be ommited. the colors are attracting too ...

bruno on glance
Excellent streetshot.

Kyle on prayer
This is a wonderful image. I love the way the smoke obscures her face.

Kyle on pagoda
I love the colors and the frame within the frame. :)

Siam on pensive
Very to justify this black and white, with gray high treatment. Small the girl in a very beautiful sensitivity.

Siam on prayer
Good catch of sight, the adjustments which are associated, sensitivity, a great quantity of the light for this capture, ...

Mary on prayer
beautiful peaceful image

Magda on bayon passage
I like it! strong image!

Magda on chinatown
nice perspective.... great colour and movement cought... I feel like those care are going to drive out of my computer ...

Magda on ta prohm
wow! spectatular find....

Magda on the killing fields
nicely framed! I like it in B&W..... nice detail

Magda on cloned
nicely done! nice composition, lighting and texture!

kerfendal on prayer
peaceful, and a wonderful atmosphere with the dancing smoke

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